Monday, May 3, 2010

Creative Workshop #2: Icebreaker Mission

Merrilee Faber is crazy. Her 'icebreaker' exercise involves sorting through 31 blogs in what must be a parody of the traditional scavenger hunt, trying to attach 31 clues to 31 writers. Madness.

But it's awesome.

And I love a challenge.

So below is my attempt..

  1. Missing purple? Try under the trapdoor. Vixen Phillips; Lyrical Trance
  2. English author rapping in the bath? Umbrella required! Rosalind Adam is writing in the rain
  3. Moon across the ocean blue. Where’s the long white cloud? Anna Caro
  4. Who says you have to grow up? On Escapism
  5. Five times I love you. Aurora's Creative Corner
  6. California garden with a foxhound. Of Angels and Plants
  7. 21 + 6 + 5 + 5. Oh, and a chicken. Coyote; LykosEcho
  8. Considers the lillies, but still a wage-slave to the empire. Sigh. Constant Revision
  9. Lips as red as cherries, hair as blue as…electric? The Magic Spoon
  10. All singing, all writing bird! I’m so Lost… Kayla Olson; Owl and Sparrow
  11. Pigs DO fly! I told you so. Valerie Sloan; It's All Make Believe
  12. Manchester daisies. Greener than home? Kerryn Angell; No Excuses. Just Write
  13. Not in Penzance, and the gender’s all wrong, but still! Raise the Jolly Roger, arrr! Amandasea; Pirate Queen at the Helm
  14. Raising goats, joyfully. Hallelujah! Amber Dawn Weaver; Joy of Dawn
  15. There are thirteen ribs, apparently. Ashley Nava; Right Brain Spasms
  16. Love and stars and hearts and butterflies and swirls! One Big Adventure
  17. RIP Cooper, dear friend. Catherine Mede Writes
  18. Who’s to blame for the rain? Blame it on the Weatherman
  19. Living in Melbourne, dreaming of Mars. Me; Pen and Paper Initiative
  20. Canada’s in the pink! Chibi Doucet
  21. Siochain’s amulet, 50% off! Davina Pearson
  22. Not a serial killer, but an explorer. Exploring Eliza
  23. Bun in the oven, two kids, no time! J.C. Hart; Just Cassie
  24. Beautiful Jalal. Out of my Mind
  25. Africa? Australia? Jicama? Africanaussie
  26. Japanese poetry, in the popular form. Stories of Sommer
  27. Mother, 8, grandmother, 12, not enough chairs in the garden! The Grandmother's Garden
  28. Law of Attraction, no magnets here! Janette Dalgliesh
  29. Ngapuhi? (Gesundheit!) Letters from Silent Hill
  30. I’ve got your contest right here! Epic? You bet! Simon C. Larter; Constant Revision
  31. This is not the Olympics, no matter what the header says. Five Rings
My God this is crazy.


Merrilee said...

I'm glad you had fun, Nathaniel! But you mentioned Simon twice ;)

Otherwise, you found them all!

Karen said...

Oh and I thought I was going mad!

My post will be up on Thursday.

N. F. Robinson said...

Damn. I fail, then ;)

Merrilee said...

Of course not! It's just a bit of fun to help you get to know the others in the workshop :)